Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March blooms shamrocks, rainbows, and a pot of gold!

3/1: Tracy Solheim's ALL THEY EVER WANTED (Second Chances No. 2)
3/2: Wednesday's Warriors - Emmy Curtis' COMPROMISED
3/3: Carolyn Brown's ONE TEXAS COWBOY TOO MANY
3/4: Elizabeth Michels' THE INFAMOUS HEIR
3/5: Celebrate Little Victories - SOS Aloha 6th Anniversary
3/6: Weekly Winners
3/7: Stephanie Evanovich's THE TOTAL PACKAGE
3/8: Emily Greenwood's HOW TO HANDLE A SCANDAL
3/9: Wednesday's Warriors - Diana Gardin's SAVED BY THE SEAL
3/10: Gayle Callen's THE GROOM WORE PLAID
3/11: Reserved
3/12: Celebrate Romance Every Day - SOS Aloha 6th Anniversary (continued)
3/13: Weekly Winners
3/15: Nancy Lee Badger's WHEN LOVE CONQUERS TIME
3/16: Wednesday's Warriors
3/17: Aloha to Downton Abbey, Brooklands, and Barbara Cartland
3/18: Jamaica Inn, Daphne Du Maurier, and Bodmin Moor
3/19: Celebrate Romance Every Day - SOS Aloha 6th Anniversary (continued)
3/20: Weekly Winners
3/21: Monday in Maryland: There's something about Barbara Vey
3/23: Wednesday in Washington: Spotlight on Lynne Silver - Washington Love Readers Luncheon (October 8, 2016)
3/24: Linda Bond's CUBA UNDERCOVER
3/25: Connie Y. Harris' FOREVER IN OCALA
3/26: Celebrate Romance Every Day - SOS Aloha 6th Anniversary (finale)
3/27: Weekly Winners
3/28: Samantha Chase's LOVE WALKS IN
3/29: Amy Sandas' LUCK IS NO LADY
3/30: Wednesday's Warriors - Jill Shalvis' NOBODY BUT YOU
plus Maggie Leffler's SECRETS OF FLIGHT
3/31: Heidi Hormel's THE ACCIDENTAL COWBOY - Book Review

4/1: Toby Deven's BAREFOOT BEACH
4/2: Celebrate Little Victories
4/3: Weekly Winners
4/4: Heidi Hormel's AN ACCIDENTAL COWBOY
4/5: Patience Griffin's THE TROUBLE WITH SCOTLAND
4/6: National Tartan Day plus Theresa Romain's FORTUNE FAVORS THE WICKED
4/7: Candis Terry's A Better Man: Sunshine Creek Vineyard
4/8: Jessica James' DEADLINE
plus Melissa Cutler's ONE HOT SUMMER
4/9: Celebrate Little Victories
4/10: Weekly Winners
4/11: Open
4/12: Sara Richardson's ROCKY MOUNTAIN WEDDING
4/13: Wednesday's Warriors - Robin Bielman's FALLING FOR HER BACHELOR and Charlene Sands' BACHELOR FOR HIRE
4/14: Vivienne Lorret's THE DEBUTANTE IS MINE
4/15: Darcy Burke's YOU'RE STILL THE ONE
4/16: Celebrate Little Victories
4/17: Weekly Winners
4/18: Beth Ciotta
4/19: Jenna Sutton's THE PERFECT FIT
4/20: LG O'Connor's CAUGHT UP IN RAINE
4/21: Open
4/22: Lenora Bell's HOW THE DUKE WAS WON
4/23: Celebrate Little Victories
4/24: Weekly Winners
4/25: Victoria Roberts' KILL OR BE KILT
4/26: Jodi Thomas' LONE HEART PASS
4/27: Wednesday's Warriors with ML Buchman's FLASH OF FIRE
4/28: Lynnette Austin's EVERY BRIDE HAS HER DAY
4/29: Nicole Helm's OUTLAW COWBOY
4/30: Celebrate Little Victories - Independent Bookstore Day

5/1: Weekly Winners
5/2: Jane Ashford's Rivals of Fortune/Impetuous Heiress
5/3: Reserved - Lori Wilde
5/4: Wednesday's Warriors with Terry Spear and ALPHA WOLF NEED NOT APPLY
5/5: Sally MacKenzie's HOW TO MANAGE A MARQUESS
5/6: Darcy Burke's ROMANCING THE EARL
5/7: Celebrate Little Victories
5/8: Weekly Winners
5/9: Julie Garwood's ONE PINK ROSE (Ebook release)
5/10: Open
5/11: Wednesday's Warriors with Chanel Cleeton's FLY WITH ME
5/12: Open
5/13: Open
5/14: Celebrate Little Victories
5/15: Weekly Winners
5/16: Katie Ruggle's FAN THE FLAME
5/17: Open
5/18: Wednesday's Warriors - Marie Harte's TEST DRIVE
5/19: Siera London
5/20: Paige Tyler's TO LOVE A WOLF
5/21: Celebrate Little Victories
5/22: Weekly Winners
5/23: Reserved - Laura Griffin
5/24: Liz Talley's CHARMINGLY YOURS
5/25: Wednesday's Warriors
5/26: Victoria Vane's SADDLE UP
5/27: Carolyn Brown's WHAT HAPPENS IN TEXAS
5/28: Celebrate Little Victories
5/29: Weekly Winners
5/30: Memorial Day
5/31: Samantha Chase's JUSTIN'S RETURN
plus Elizabeth Hoyt's DUKE OF SIN

6/1: Wednesday's Warrior
6/2: Nancy Herkness' THE ALL-STAR ANTES UP
6/3: Open
6/4: Celebrate Little Victories
6/5: Weekly Winners
6/6: Lauren Layne's FROM THIS DAY FORWARD

plus Celebrate Hawaii with Kate Pearce from the Big Island
6/7: Celebrate Hawaii with Jennifer Bernard from the Big Island
6/8: Wednesday's Warriors - Celebrate Hawaii with Melissa Schroeder from Oahu
6/9: Celebrate Hawaii
6/10: Celebrate Hawaii with Jill Marie Landis from Kauai
6/11: Celebrate Little Victories - King Kamehameha Day
6/12: Weekly Winners
6/13: Open
6/14: Open
6/15: Wednesday's Warriors
6/16: Open
6/17: Open
6/18: Celebrate Little Victories
6/19: Weekly Winners
6/20: Open
6/21: Open
6/22: Wednesday's Warriors
6/23: Open
6/24: Open
6/25: Celebrate Little Victories
6/26: Weekly Winners
6/27: Celebrate Canada with Anne Lethbridge
6/28: Celebrate Canada with Shana Gray
6/29: Celebrate Canada with Julie Rowe
6/30: Celebrate Canada with Toni Anderson

7/1: Celebrate Canada with Kaylea Cross