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Mary Wines is my guest for a cozy chat about her new release, THE HIGHLANDER'S BRIDE TROUBLE, Book 4 in her Sutherlands series from Sourcebooks Casablanca:

Her clan is in chaos...

Raised by her father and brother, Nareen Grant is strong, confident, well-educated—and skilled with a bow and dagger. It’s a tumultuous time for Scotland, and events conspire against her. Betrayed by her family, she makes her way alone, until she lands in the lap of Saer MacLeod. But she wants no help from a savage man of the Isles.

And rivalries are deadlier than ever.

Raised on the rugged Scottish Isles, Saer MacLeod is considered fierce even by Highlander standards. He’s enchanted by the independent and headstrong Nareen. But when an old feud endangers her life, Saer’s fascination with her escalates into a ferocious desire to protect her… and claim her for himself.

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I asked Mary, If you fell back in time, how would you blend into the village with your 21st century skills - Be a seamstress? Storyteller? Or something else?

Falling through time….hummm….I suppose becoming a story teller would be the obvious choice. But that might be harder than I think. People everywhere have their own culture and sense of humor. Also, there is the fact that being an actor wasn’t really a very respected profession.

Let’s face it, if I fell through time, my knees would be knocking. I’d have to rely on the kindness of fate and my own wiles. Queen Elizabeth was quoted as saying that ‘If I were turned out in my petticoat tomorrow, I would land on my feet…’. I’d love to think I’d do as well. Elizabeth had such a rocky path in life but made it to the top in the end.

I do love to sew but in order to be a seamstress in ears gone by, you had to own your own needles and pins. Any sort of metal was very expensive. Fabric was very expensive too. Noble families would actually send their servants to watch over the cutting process and all of the bits were gathered up and used. Right down to the tiny ones, those were mixed together into something called ‘cabbage’ and used to stuff hip rolls, shoulder treatments and hat decorations.

Acclaimed author Mary Wine has written over 30 works of erotic fantasy, romantic suspense, and historical romance. An avid history-buff and historical costumer, she and her family enjoy participating in historical reenactments. Mary lives with her husband and two sons in Yorba Linda, California.

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Sourcebooks is giving away a print copy of THE HIGHLANDER'S BRIDE TROUBLE to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about time travel - if you fell back in time, what talent could you offer Medieval Times?

2.  Comments are open through Saturday, August 16, 10 pm in Baltimore.  

3.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, August 17.


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Meanwhile, Mary offers an excerpt from THE HIGHLANDER'S BRIDE TROUBLE:

He reached out and stroked her cheek. “’Tis a sad thing to see how hard yer feelings are. But there is naught more to fear, she’ll nae have the opportunity to inflict such ills again.”

Nareen jerked away from the contact. She even took a swipe at his hand, but he moved faster, withdrawing in time to avoid being struck. Someone chuckled from where his men clustered near the fires, but Saer was watching her from narrowed eyes.

“I am nae afraid of anything,” she assured him.

“Is that so?” Saer inquired in a silky-smooth tone.

Nareen nodded. Satisfaction began to fill her, but it was cut short as he reached out and stroked her face again. She jumped, completely unable to control her reaction.

“Ye are making sport of me in front of yer men, like a savage.”

His eyes glittered, but it wasn’t with the outrage Nareen had intended to provoke. Instead, there was an unmistakable pleased looked in those dark orbs.

“I am a savage, Nareen.” He stepped forward, placing himself within touching range again. “I do nae let words stand alone. If ye truly have no interest in me, there is no reason to avoid me touch. Stand steady and prove ye are nae moved. I have no taste for a frigid woman.”

She laughed at him but stepped back again. “Then it seems we have a common ground, for I crave no man’s touch.”

His lips thinned. “Now that is something ye shall have to prove as well.”

“I will nae. Me word should be enough on the matter, if ye truly are me brother’s friend.” She didn’t care to hide behind her brother’s name, but the circumstances offered her few alternatives.

“As ye noted, I am a savage, and I always demand proof before I believe.”

This time, she was ready when he reached for her cheek. She stepped aside, avoiding him. She was just beginning to smile with her victory when he closed his hand around her wrist. He really was huge. His fingers closed easily around her smaller wrist, clasping it in an iron grip. She braced herself for pain, but there was none, only a secure hold that defied her attempt to break it.

“Release me.” Her voice had risen, and she shut her mouth before revealing any more of her unsettled state.

“Prove ye are unmoved, lass, and I shall be content to accept yer dismissal.” His tone had deepened, becoming something hypnotic.

“I am irritated.” And remaining still was proving too difficult. She twisted her hand, trying to break his hold again.

“Aye, ye are that.” He lifted her hand to his face and pressed a kiss on the delicate skin of her inner wrist. She shuddered, the touch intensely intimate. She’d never realized her skin might be so sensitive. The simple touch of his lips unleashed a bolt of sensation that shook her all the way down to her toes. His eyes filled with satisfaction.

“But ye are also affected.”

He released her, and she stumbled back a pace because she’d been resisting his hold so greatly. Laughter erupted from his men. Saer stiffened, and he crossed his arms over his chest.

“What?” she said. “Are ye trying to impress me by controlling yerself now that ye see yer men are enjoying the sport ye are making of me?”

“Aye, I am,” he answered darkly. “I am nae the one who chose this setting for our meeting, Nareen. Ye should nae have refused to see me again at court. That left me no choice but to chase ye.”


  1. I LOVE the name Saer!

    I don't think I have any special talent. I've sewed textiles and furniture for many years but sewing by hand would be a challenge for me, I think. If I went back in time I would probably be spending a lot of time pinching myself making sure I actually made it, LOL! I'd definitely want to learn how to use a sword and would love to learn falconry.

  2. hmmm what I did for a living wouldn't work (secretary) but maybe gardening or tending animals. This sounds like a wonderful read!

  3. I'd be in trouble...the one who was tangling her needlework or poking herself with the needle, or beaten because she let the food burn while she got distracted! Congrats on the release and thanks for the excerpt!

  4. Love the cover and plot! I would be a healer. I always wanted to be a nurse, but my grades were too low. As I matured to adulthood, I became an EMT in our small NH community's rescue squad. I also know a little about healing herbs. It could work!

  5. I can sew, so that would be handy to have.

  6. Let's see my talent......ummmmmm....how about cooking!

  7. I can sew and do other types of crafting. I am from a large family and learned how to run a household. So, I would be able to use my organizational skills in that respect. Come to think of it....I would fit right in!! ;o)

  8. I think I'd be burned at the stake as a witch but if I could pull it off, I'd try and be a "healer". Thanks for sharing!

  9. I suck at sewing, painting (any type of arts actually!) and music... The only talent would be my math skills but not sure how that would be useful!

  10. Yowee, what a question. Hmmm. I hate sewing so I'm not any good at that. And if I could tell stories I'd be an author, which I'm not. So. I think I'd have to be a cook. I love cooking, am considered to be good at it, and I know spices to make plain things taste good. So, I'd try my hand at cooking, although I've never done it on an open fire or hearth. Might be very difficult, but I'd still take a stab at it. Hope I've answered your question! :-) jdh2690@gmail.com

  11. I think I could cook those jumbo turkey legs. LOL And I have a pin that says "Bill's Wench" that my hubby got for me at a Renn. Faire not long after we were married, so apparently I have wenchly talents. *blink*

    Marcy Shuler

  12. I'd be in big trouble! I don't have any real talents. I can cook well enough to get by. My career was in the financial services industry - maybe I could manage to keep track of everything pillaged???

  13. I think I might be able to offer my services as a scribe, since not everyone could read and write. Of course the language would take some getting used to because it was quite a bit different than what we use as English here in the US.

  14. I would like to be a healer, but don't have any history at all in doing that.

  15. I think I would take care of animals.

  16. My talent is organization, so I could be a housekeeper (or lady of the house!)

  17. I love that cover, her dress is so pretty. I'm a pretty good cook and can bake from scratch so maybe I wouldn't have to eat icky stuff too often.

  18. I can be pretty handy - maybe I could make some labor saving devices, the non-electric kind of course!

  19. Well, my secretarial skills would not work. However, I'm a great organizer, so I could get their house in order. Love Mary's books, and have this on my "wish list".

  20. lol not much, I'm good at spelling so I have no idea what I could offer :)