Saturday, October 12, 2013

Aloha to Fleet Week, Lindsay McKenna, and DANGER CLOSE

The Mighty Mo docked on Ford Island

Fleet Week continues with the legendary romance author, Lindsay McKenna.    She served in the Navy as AG3, Aerographer's Mate.   I recall the Navy's recruitment slogan, “It’s Not Just a Job, It’s An Adventure”.   Lindsay has lived that adventure and written about it in her 100+  books.  She is known as the “Top Gun of Women’s Military Fiction," with 22 million books sold in 22 foreign languages.   Lindsay created the military romance genre in 1983 with CAPTIVE OF FATE.  Her most recent release, DANGER CLOSE, is the foundation for a new series, SHADOW WARRIORS, from HQN and HRS.   DANGER CLOSE is available as a free dowload on Amazon through October 15 at this link.


Kim: Do you have a special memory as a Navy Veteran?

Lindsay: My special memory as a Navy veteran was listening to my mother, Ruth, recount the horrors of Pearl Harbor. She was there with my father, when it was hit by the Japanese. It was tough for her to speak about it even in her late 80's, but the memories, the smells, the sounds, were as clear that day, as they were when I finally sat down to see if she'd talk about with me.

Kim: If you could vacation one week at a Navy base, where would it be?

Lindsay: I would love to vacation at: Naval Amphibious Base Coronado. I would enjoy going through the US Navy SEAL facility, watch the men and women (2015 they begin training) train in BUD/s as well as go to MacP's, the local hangout on the island, for SEAL brethren and just hang out with them. Authors are great watchers and listeners.

Kim: What does this verse (from Anchors Aweigh) mean to you:

Faith, courage, service true With honor over, honor over all.

Lindsay: Faith means when things turn bad, you keep moving forward toward your objective. Faith is the internal GRIT that gives you the will to move through adversity . Courage is doing something even if you're scared and have fear. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is about not allowing it to stop you from doing what you have to do. Honor is about one's integrity, one's word, having the other person's back, not lying and always being truthful. It also is the receptacle of our morals and values, as well. How we conduct ourselves every day in our life with honor is my personal goal.

View of Pearl Harbor from the Mighty Mo

Mahalo, Lindsay, for your military service ... and your continued support of military families!  I look forward to seeing you at the RT Booklovers' Convention, May 14-18, 2014, in New Orleans.  To learn more about the convention, including Lindsay's workshops, check out this link.  To learn more about Lindsay and her books, check out her website at


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

Old Glory aboard the Mighty Mo


  1. I've not read her as yet so I'm going to check out her site - thanks!

  2. Great post, Lindsay. I, too, grew up with my mother's story of December 7, 1941 although my parents were not at Pearl Harbor. I can't even imagine what your parents saw, heard and smelled, and how frightening it must have been for them. My mother joined the Navy shortly thereafter and served throughout WWII. Looking forward to reading DANGER CLOSE and to seeing you in New Orleans. Write On!

  3. I just downloaded Lindsay's free book.

  4. Heather, my father was PO1 pharmacist's mate on shore and was at the hsopital where all the wounded were brought. My mother worked on Ford Island in the mechanics section in civil service. They put her on the Luriline, a US cruise ship, along with many other civilian wives who were there with their Navy husbands. The husbands, of course, remained behind. Yes, looking forward to seeing you at RT Booklover's convention next May 2014 ;-) Warmly, Lindsay McKenna

  5. Great to meet you here today Lindsay. A most interesting post.

  6. I have read some of her books and they are wonderful. Thanks to her for her service.

  7. Thank you for sharing your memories with us, Lindsay, and for your service. I have always enjoyed your books and had a huge collection of them. I had to donate them when we moved (: a few years ago . But that's okay because I just started a new collection!! Got my copy of Danger Close last month.

  8. Thank you for such a very enlightening post. Wow, you've sold over 22 million books - what an achievement.

    Thank you for your service to our country.