Monday, January 20, 2014

Aloha to Shawntelle Madison and REPOSSESSED

I recently met another world traveler who recently visited Taiwan.   We exchanged our trips across the Pacific, including my summer visit to Korea.  I noted that Hawaiian Airlines broadcast three movies on the nine hour Honolulu - Seoul flight, including one paranormal K-drama.   So I chuckled when I opened Shawntelle's email with her guest post today .... 

Top Five Favorite Paranormal K-Dramas

In my upcoming release, REPOSSESSED, my hero Rob almost comes straight out of a k-drama, or Korean drama. He is a hot Korean man who is comparable to many of the heroes in my favorite Korean dramas listed below. Are you curious and want to try out a Korean drama? I say go for it. You never know. And if I get you hooked, I apologize in advance.

1. The Master’s Sun
This show is about a woman who can see dead people and a skeptical millionaire hero. At first I scoffed about this one, but a friend/reader highly recommended it. I’m so glad I took the time. It was so good. Every time the hero touches the heroine all the scary ghosts go away. It was so romantic that he was there to protect her when she went out of her way to help people connect with their loved ones who passed away (link).

2. Faith
I’ll be the first to admit I’m a Lee Minho fan girl. Guess where Rob got his first name from? :) This story is about a plastic surgeon who gets swept away back in time to medieval Korea. The hero of the story is a captain of the guard who rushes back in time to find a doctor to save his queen. The series was beautiful and I love the banter between the hero and heroine (link).

3. Secret Garden.
I’ve just started this series, but I’m already hooked. It’s about a couple who end up switching bodies (link)!

4. My Love From Another Star
This is another series I just started and I love it! A 400 year old alien falls in love with a human super star three months before it’s time for him to leave. The series so far is full of super human awesomeness (link).

5. Who are you.
If you like police procedurals, you’ll enjoy this show about a cop who’s partner died in the line of fire. In the process she was shot and ended up in a coma. Afterwards she could see dead people. Including her partner. Now she’s determined to find the killer. After waking up she ends up in the lost and found—where the items there have secrets to be revealed. The hero in the film is so cute. I loved their chemistry (link).

These dramas are so fresh and different compared to American shows. Be sure to check them out. Don’t let the subtitles frighten you away. A lot of these shows are comedies and they are hilarious. When I wrote Repossessed, I definitely want to bring out the same emotion and fun that you could find in a k-drama. Be sure to check out REPOSSESSED, which is available now!

Royal warrior reenacting bell ringing ceremony
at the Bosingak Belfry (link)

Mahalo, Shawntelle, for sharing your love of paranormal K-dramas!   REPOSSESSED is now available:

Return to the Coveted universe with a new series featuring witches and warlocks! Supernatural matchmaker Tessa Dandridge knows a little mist here and a little magic there will help reckless werewolves and precocious pixies find love. That is, until her magical Smythe scroll is lost in her repo’ed car and she can’t contact her V.I.P. clients. To connect with an important client cavorting in the fifth dimension, Tessa must depend on handsome Rob Shin, a warlock repo man, to enter Limbo and find her Smythe scroll. Rob has money problems of his own, thanks to the bank determined to foreclose on his elderly aunt and uncle’s home. Repossessing magic wands and cursed pianos from disgruntled warlocks isn’t the best pay, but the Navy SEAL works well as a repo man to pay off his family’s debts. Rob’s repossession jobs catch up with him when a powerful warlock seeks to end his life for his constant meddling, drawing Tessa in the middle.

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Shawntelle is giving away a swap pack to one randomly selected commenter ... hmmm, I'm loving that "Keep Calm and Hoard Books" button!   To enter the giveaway,

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Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

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Check out pictures from our trip to Korea (and China) on my travel blog, ALOHA ON MY MIND, at this link.


  1. I know about Korea from your posts when you went there! I know that they have cute little McDonald's delivery mopeds! Since my last name is McDonald, I think I need to get a moped like that.

  2. I have tried Kimchi and didn't like it. I have a former student who was adopted from Korea. Also, actor Daniel Dae Kim who now plays Chin Ho Kelly on Hawaii Five-0 played Jin on Lost was born in Korea and had to learn Korean again to play Jin. The actress Yunjin Kim who played Jin's wife on Lost is also Korean.

    I have a cousin by marriage who is Korean.

  3. I have tried lots of different Korean. My step mother is Korean and she has introduced us to all sorts of food.

  4. I only know what a little about Korea, and that was from your posts when you went there.

  5. Most of what I know about Korea is from your posts when your hubby was stationed there and your visit. My neighbor is Korean and I have enjoyed some of her home cooking.

  6. I've heard of K-Pop because it's been on a couple of tv docudramas. I've had some Korean food when a neighbor made some for me and hubby and although I have no idea what the dish was, it was good.

  7. I know a little bit about it politically, and I've eaten some of the food.