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Guest Review: THE MACGREGOR'S LADY by Grace Burrowes


The MacGregor's Lady by Grace Burrowes

by LSUReader

Scottish nobleman Asher MacGregor and American heiress Hannah Cooper make an oddly interesting couple in The MacGregor's Lady, the third novel in the MacGregor Series by Grace Burrowes.

Asher, recently returned from Canada, is learning his role as the Earl of Balfour. Technically, he has been the earl for some time; but after a long absence, he was assumed dead. His brother Ian (hero of 2012's The Bridegroom Wore Plaid) has been the acting earl. Now that he is back to his family seat and his social duties, Asher agrees to escort Bostonian Hannah Cooper and her aunt through the London season. Additionally, Asher acknowledges he should begin his search for a bride.

Hannah's greedy American step-father expects her to make a good match in England--hopefully one that will allow him to continue to control Hannah's considerable finances. Hannah has other ideas. She is convinced she must return to Boston as soon as she can to protect her grandmother, mother and brothers from her shady step-father. In London, Hannah is just going through the motions. A limp makes her feel physically awkward. Hannah's strong desire to remain single makes her emotionally aloof.

You feel for these characters. They are painfully self-contained. Overwhelmingly, Asher and Hannah want to do the right thing for their families. They deny themselves for what they believe is the greater good. They are selfless and utterly loyal to the people they care about. If ever a hero and heroine deserved an HEA, it's these two. Asher and Hannah do gradually overcome the barriers they've erected, with some help from Asher's considerable Scottish family.

I generally love Grace's books; this one, not as much. The novel features Grace's typical likeable but troubled characters. Her writing voice is lovely, as always. But gaps in this story kept me wondering if I'd missed an earlier read. (I haven't.) I read the earlier two novels and novella in this series, and I was looking forward to fully understanding Asher's story: When and why did he leave and return? How did the MacGregor siblings (three brothers and a sister) accept his return? How have the MacGregor relationships fared with his reappearance? Though each of these is slightly touched upon, I'm left wondering about the full answers to those questions. There also is a peculiar side story about a couple of characters trying to see Asher put into a compromising position and forced to marry Hannah. It seems to be unnecessary to the flow and spirit of the novel.

I do recommend The MacGregor's Lady, with a rating of three out of five stars. It is a good, solid romance story. I just think it could have been more. Actually, most Grace Burrowes books are. 

View of the city of Boston from Dorchester heights
Painted & engraved by Robt. Havell
Library of Congress - Public Domain (link)

Mahalo, LSU, for sharing your thoughts on THE MACGREGOR'S LADY.   It will be available February 4, 2014, from Sourcebooks Casablanca (link).  Check out Grace's website (link) to read an excerpt with links to order.

In honor of Asher and Hannah, I am giving away a special Anglo-American prize package to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about Boston - what do you know about it? My first assignment in the Air Force took me to Hanscom AFB in Boston's suburbs.  I loved it for the history, for the lobsters, and for the Scorpion Bowls (drink for two) at the Hong Kong in Harvard Square (link).

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Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

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  1. I was there for the first time 2 years ago - we took an open bus tour to get the lay of the land & it included a harbor cruise - that was the best way to get an overview. we were only there 2 days seeing my nephew & his wife off on a SAS cruise. I'd love to get back & really see more up close.

  2. I've never been to Boston, but would love to visit one day. I have a friend that lives near there. I do know about the Boston Tea Party.

  3. Unfortunately, I've never been but I know two people that have who loved it. Lots of history and there's always Boston baked beans :) And I love Grace Burrowes' books!

  4. I visited as a kid. We did a walking tour and ate at the Durgin (sp?) Park restaurant. Lots of fun.

    Marcy Shuler

  5. I've never been to Boston, but know it's a great food and sports city.

  6. I've been to Boston once, back in 1999. We stayed there for a few nights and I really enjoyed it. Walked the Freedom Trail. Very interesting history there.

  7. I know a little of the history of Boston, but have never visited.

  8. I have never been to Boston but have family that visited and loved it. I know about the Boston Tea Party and there are a lot of Historical buildings and homes but really nothing more. ooops, I forgot to mention they have some great sea food. :)
    I love Grace's books. I've read the first 2 books in the series and will definitely read the third.Hoping to find out what happened to Asher that he was away so very long.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  9. I have been to Boston many times. I spent many nights int he Science Museum and once in the aquarium. Been there for work. I love Boston.

  10. I have never been to Boston but know that the Yankees and the Red Sox have a big rivalry.

  11. I've never been to Boston and would love to visit. I have family close and need to make time to do some more traveling. I think the historical significance of the state would keep me very busy and entertained as well. The seafood sounds delicious.
    Great review! I have read Grace's books however I don't recall if I've read any in this series :)

  12. Even though I've never been to Boston, I know a lot of history about the city and also the Baltimore Ravens and Red Sox. Boston Tea Party!

  13. I haven't been to Boston, but my friend went there last year & said they have lots of good restaurants & bars. I believe it is also a college town. I picture it to be smaller & cleaner than NYC, with everything walking distance.

  14. I've never been to Boston and only know the basics from my American history courses.

  15. My husband and I love to visit Boston and since we live in Rhode Island it's a close drive away.

    I'll never forget the time we visited and watched my husband and sons running up Bunker Hill - the boys were history addicts ever since that day!

    Another time I took them up with me to watch their father reenlist in the Navy Reserves on the U.S.S. Constitution (Old Ironsides) which he had joined after he finished his duty during Vietnam. The USS Constitution was built in 1797 and is the oldest ship in the United States Navy. The ship was built in Boston's North End, and many of its spikes and fittings were made by Paul Revere's foundry. The ship was one of the first six frigates purchased by the United States Navy.

    When they got older we used to let them both pick a "to go to" place and my older son always picked The Museum of Fine Arts. Now that might not strange to most people, like all our friends, it's important to let you know he's red, green and blue color blind! Not letting that get in his way he loved to go and always told us that since we COULD see the colors we didn't realize the effect of the depth of the paint and how it affected his love of the pictures! While we were looking at the picture he was studying how the painter had formed the picture with carefully painted brush strokes that brought it to life for him!

    Of course a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway must (I stay home and read) and The Museum of Science is a must see!

    Anyone who loves to shop will want to be sure to visit Faneuil Hall and the great shops there as well.

    So plan your trip to Boston soon! You won't be disappointed! In fact if you don't like driving and dealing with traffic and finding a place to shop you can take a train nearby and just ride in and visit most of the sites easily on foot!

  16. Don't know much about Boston I'm afraid. Just the Red Sox & that's it...

  17. I went to a junior college in Boston, back in the late 60's. I attended my first professional football there (back when they were the Boston Patriots). I loved the history and the food and The Commons!

  18. Grace's books are great. Never been to Boston, but both of my daughters have. Their school took them there on a 5th grade trip.