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Aloha to HEATING IT UP, ONE HERO AT A TIME - Book Blitz Tour

Oh, its cold in Maryland!  If I can't be in Hawaii, then I'll just have to heat it up with Jennifer Jakes. She joins us today to celebrate the release of the box set HEATING IT UP, ONE HERO AT A TIME:

Kim:  What do you love about the era(s) in which you write? 

Jennifer:  I have always loved Westerns. Always! When I was a little kid, I would watch any type of movie or TV show that was Western. Reading? It was all about Sacajawea and other Native American stories. As an adult, I was able to do some Civil War re-enacting and got a “real” feel for living back in the 1860s. While I came to realize that, yes, I do romanticize some things (Life was INCREDIBLY hard back then. Too much work, sickness, etc), but there was the ever-present optimistic, undying, American spirit to better yourself and carve out a life in the West. That hunger for freedom, adventure and the determination that went with it, is why I love the Western.

Kim:  What one thing can readers expect from your books? 

Jennifer:  Can I have 2 ? LOL Emotion and heat!

Kindle #1 Best Selling author, Jennifer Jakes, was not only an RWA® Golden Heart® nominee for her debut novel, Rafe’s Redemption, she was also voted Best Romance of 2011 by DITHR. Her second book, Twice In A Lifetime, was a finalist in the 2012 International Digital Awards. Her third book, Eden’s Sin, was a novella written for an anthology with two of her Golden Heart® sisters. Eden’s Sin is also available as a stand-alone read. 

Love Across the Ages...Seven best-selling and award-winning authors bring readers historical romantic adventures set in Medieval Scotland, Regency England, Civil War America, the Wild West, and Gilded Age America. We’re Heating It Up one hero at a time with Scottish Highlanders, Regency Rakes, Union Spies, Mountain Men & Sexy Smugglers.

This LIMITED EDITION BOXED SET contains seven sensual, full-length novels.

NIGHT STORM by Tracey Devlyn

A promising young apothecary picks up the pieces of her life, only to collide with the ruthless thief-taker who once shattered her dreams and her heart.

RAFE'S REDEMPTION by Jennifer Jakes

He rode into town to buy supplies, not a woman…


A heart's destiny cannot be denied when a daring Union spy abducts a beautiful runaway bride he suspects of being a traitor.


A warrior on a mission is tempted by an alluring lass, and though she's been forbidden she'll break every rule for the pleasure of his intoxicating kiss.

CAMERON by Lane McFarland

To heal a warrior’s heart takes patience. But to resist a warrior’s heart takes fortitude.


Blackmailing her way onto a ship of gunrunners bound for the Caribbean, Samantha Etheridge proves to be more than a mere opportunistic reporter to Captain Sean Nolan--perhaps even a first mate.


Proving his worth to the woman he loves might cost them both their lives.

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Jennifer offers an excerpt from RAFE’S REDEMPTION ...

Maggie buttoned her coat while the men said their good-byes on the boardwalk. Rafe took the sack from her hands and strode toward the hitching post. Her gaze landed on his horse. The huge beast was the animal she had considered making her escape on. He looked as testy as his owner—and she had to tolerate the company of both. She glanced from horse to man and raised her chin a notch. After his less than complimentary words, she'd be damned before showing fear.

The icy wind whipped her hair when she started from the protective cover of the porch. She tucked the loose strands into the collar of her coat and stepped off the boardwalk.

Rafe frowned. “Wait.” He deposited her back on the porch and disappeared inside. He returned and dropped a man's felt hat onto her head. “To keep the snow and rain off your face.”

“Thank—” She stopped short as he pulled a pair of thick gloves from his pocket and pressed them into her hands. “Thank you.”

He shrugged. “Tom thought you should have them.” Then he walked to the horses, leaving her to follow.

Fine. He didn't want her gratitude. It made no difference to her as long as he kept his promise and took her to the fort.

She stepped off the porch as the snow whirled around. Bits of ice mixed with the large flakes and stung her skin. She tilted her head and leaned into the wind, glad for the hat and for Tom's thoughtfulness.

“We'll have to ride double,” Rafe said when she stood beside him. “There's no room on the pack mule.”

He tied her sack to the saddle-horn, then turned. His steel gaze darted from her to the animals and he frowned, as if he'd just realized how close riding double would be. Maggie couldn't decipher his muttered curse, but judging by his dark scowl, she didn't want to know his thoughts.

He swung his lean frame onto the horse and settled in the saddle, then reached a strong hand down to her. She looked up—way up—at his outstretched palm. She placed her gloved hand in his and hoped she didn't fall. Her breath whooshed out in surprise when he pulled her up behind him as if she weighed no more than a sack of feathers.

Oh, God. A shudder ran through her and she covered her eyes with her hands. No wonder she hated horses. She cracked one eye open, glanced down…and buried her face into Rafe's back. They sat at least six feet off the ground! Thank God she wouldn't have to attempt riding alone. Except now her body pressed against his, a fact that stole her breath.

What should she do with her hands? If she held on to the back of the saddle she'd be dangerously close to his backside. Wrapping her arms around him seemed bold. She clutched the sides of his coat in her fists and wiggled until she found a comfortable position.

Rafe craned his head and glared over his shoulder. “Ready?”

Before she could answer he clicked his tongue to his horse, and they took off with a lurch. The mule's lead-rope bit into her leg as the stubborn animal lagged behind.

“Hang on. We've got to ride hard.”

She nodded, then added, “I'm fine. Do what you must.”

As they rode by Zeke's, Michael's triumphant face grinned through the window. She stared at him, unwilling to look away in shame. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction. Michael was the one who should be ashamed. Her father had entrusted him with the family's fortune and with Maggie. The money would be gone before Christmas.

Where will I be?

The enormous weight of her situation crushed her. She shuddered and bit back tears, again nearly overwhelmed by the urge to cry. She was just tired and hungry. That was all. By next week this trip—this whole nightmare—would be nothing but a bad memory.


Rafe tensed as Maggie went limp against him. A feathery sigh tickled the hair at his neck, the deep exhale rubbing her soft breasts across his back. Hell. He closed his eyes, but that was a mistake. Images of her ripped bodice, of hard nipples peeking over a silk corset sent a gut twisting shot of lust through him. Double hell.

She sighed again, her arm dropping forward to rest on his thigh. Christ. Two inches to the left and she’d be cupping his cock. He grabbed her hand and pulled it around his waist to keep her from falling off Moses. The last thing he wanted to do was dig her out of a snow drift. It wasn't that he wanted to feel her arms around him or have her body pressed any closer than it already was. Not that at all.

She mumbled in her sleep, her warm breath fanning his ear, tightening him with need.

A frustrated groan escaped through tense lips. What in the hell had he done? Hadn't he learned anything from the last time he'd defended a woman?

But damn it all, he couldn't let Skinner Joe buy her.

And now some man was looking for an army friend. Friend. Like hell. Rafe knew who searched. Simon. He'd find Rafe and Joe would help.

Rafe pinched the bridge of his nose as every horrible scenario imaginable flashed through his mind. What the hell had he gotten Miss Monroe into? He groaned. And why did she have to be from St. Louis. For all he knew, she could have been to his family home. And the last thing he wanted was questions or pity.

He grunted in disgust and pushed Moses a little harder. The cold wind howled as they started into the foothills. He tucked his chin into his chest and wished he had started a beard a little sooner.

Maggie moaned, then slid her free hand inside his coat, stroking his stomach like cat. He tensed. A hot need coursed through his body. No way would this be all right. He didn't want a woman around. He had been too long by himself.

He just had to stay away from her. He could ignore her for a couple of days. Then once the blizzard passed he'd take her to the fort.

“Think I'll freeze if I sleep in the barn with you, Moses?” A soft nicker came in answer, and he figured his horse laughed at him. Easy for Moses. He was gelded.

Another hour and they'd be home. Heat flooded his frozen face at the thought of this St. Louis society lady seeing how he lived. No doubt she was used to a mansion with servants to attend to every need.

So were you once.

He pushed the thought away, angry that Maggie made him remember things he'd rather not. That life was dead.

As dead as the man he'd killed.


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  8. I'm with you, Jennifer! I, too, have always loved westerns. Grew up on a ranch in the 50's and read old pulp fiction magazines called Ranch Romance that my Dad read while irrigating the alfalfa fields late at night (when he was through with them). Went to school with cowboys and saw a lot of rodeos. And so, I still love western romances--contemporary or historical either one. Right along with medieval, Regency, Georgian and Victorian romances. Love it all! Thanks for your participation in the Heating It Up anthology and tour. jdh2690@gmail.com

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