Friday, November 28, 2014

Aloha to Shelley K. Wall and FIND ME

How to Catch a Man?

by Shelley K. Wall

How do you catch a man these days? Hmmm, well according to Amanda Gillespie, you let him convince you to date his best friend. And if that’s not enough, you let him talk you into doing things you were never meant to do simply because he needs your help. Things like rock climbing and hiking and sleeping under the moonlight on the side of a mountain. Ugh, all very nasty things for a non-outdoorsy attorney. Not to mention, seeking out missing heirs to a property which also happen to be missing heroes.

Why does Amanda agree to this nonsense? Because her friend Jackson wants her to help him solve a very confusion legal matter that threatens the financial stability of his father’s company.

Why does Jackson choose Amanda when there are plenty of attorneys in Houston available? Because whether he realizes it or not, he’s missed her like crazy for years—and as much as he hates seeing her with his best friend, it’s better than not seeing her at all. He’s already done that.

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Jackson was good at pushing Amanda’s buttons – making her do things her sensible mind abhorred—but was cheating on a friend part of the agenda? Would he go that far? When his best friend has the girl he’s always wanted, how far will Jackson go to tempt her away?

Jackson Holstenar owes his childhood to his best friend Carter, the closest thing he’d had to a brother. Amanda Gillespie’s in serious need of adventure—according to her friend Darlene. After losing her job a year earlier then hiring on with another law office, she hasn’t taken her eyes off work in months. Until the man behind her job loss shows up at the adventure club meeting Darlene dared her to attend—Jackson Holstenar.

When Jackson’s father suffers a stroke, he has to drop his carefree attitude and take over the family company’s helm. He turns to Amanda to help unravel a contract problem at work and fixes her up with his best friend who’s ready to start a relationship. Can Jackson work alongside her again without losing her?

Can Amanda keep her work life out of her personal life and keep Jackson on the friendship track?

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Winter camping in Maryland

Shelley grew up in Missouri, graduated from Oklahoma State University, and took post graduate courses from OSU and the University of Wyoming. She's a member of RWA, Sisters In Crime (SinC), The Literary Guild, and Houston Writer’s Guild. She writes daily, striving to perfect a voice that supplies enjoyable and romantic reads. She has yet to meet a person she doesn't like or a job that's not worth enjoying. She writes with humor, drama, and a desire to share life's precious moments. Shelley currently lives in Texas with her family.

Shelley is giving away a digital copy of FIND ME to one randomly selected commenter.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about "sleeping under the moonlight on the side of a mountain" - love it or skip it?  My kids like camping but I prefer a cabin. 

2.  Comments are open through Saturday, December 6, 10 pm in Baltimore.

3.  I'll post the winner on Sunday, December 7.


Kim in Baltimore
Aloha Spirit in Charm City

Camping in Hawaii typically involves the beach ....


  1. As long as I have a comfy camping matress/ sleeping pad, then yes, I would like to sleep under the moonlight. But, if it is not comfortable, then I would move to the cabin.

  2. I've slept in tents but never totally outside.

  3. Skip it! Give me a nice warm bed.

  4. I enjoy my home comforts way too much, so I would definitely skip camping under the moonlight.

  5. I think I'll skip camping under the moonlight on the side of a mountain.