Monday, May 26, 2014

Olelo Ku'i'o - Requesting Reviews, Promotional Opportunities, Giveaway Guidelines, and Disclosure Statement

Time to update the 'Olelo Ku'i'o, "true statement", the Hawaiian equivalent of here's how my blog works!   I now live outside Baltimore - I brought the Aloha Spirit to Charm City.

1.  Requesting reviews:  I do not have a digital reader.  Yeah, yeah, I'm a dinosaur.  I prefer to review printed material (published book or printed PDF) of historical romance, contemporary romance, women's fiction, and some nonfiction.   Note that I am a slow reader so I have to limit what I accept to review.  Even if I don't review your book, I can promote it.

2.  Promotional Opportunity: I am willing to promote historical romance, contemporary romance, women's fiction and some nonfiction (such as travel, humor, inspirational, etc).   Promotions can include book review (if I agreed), author interviews, guest posts, fun facts, etc.   I believe in positive promotion and reserve the right to edit any promotion submitted to support my blog's purpose.

I request you offer a giveaway during your promotional visit, even if it is a Rafflecopter giveaway for your entire blog tour. You are welcome to giveaway printed books, digital books, and swag.

Military families often visit my blog, including those who do not read romance. Therefore, I do not have a warning page because I do not feature books that would require it, namely, adult content.   

I am happy to participate in blog tours, release week blitzs, etc. I prefer not to participate in cover reveals.

3.  Giveaway Guidelines:  When I offer a prize, I identify the guidelines on the post.  If you do not receive a prize you won from an author, publisher, or me, I will make every effort to offer a substitute prize.

4.  Disclosure Statement:

I am military spouse, romance reader, and community volunteer.  I write SOS Aloha as a means to exercise my brain, practice grammar, and  maintain keyboard proficiency.  I attend as many conventions as possible, including RT, RWA, etc.   I bring home the convention swag - books and promos - to giveaway on my blog.   I bear the cost to mail these items home and to the winners.    I am not compensated by any convention for promotion nor does the swag influence my opinion of conventions.

I host authors' and publishers' giveaways.  They do not provide any financial compensation nor do their giveaways influence my opinion of their books (should I post a review).    Most authors and publisher mail the books directly to the winners.


Kim in Hawaii


  1. ... and we love you for it all thank you!!

  2. Thank you for all you do, Kim!

    Marcy S.

  3. Thank you for sharing, Kim. Though, I've been around for a while, so I know how you work. ;)
    Great job, as always! :D

  4. Thank you Kim for all your work. I love your Blog.
    Carol L