Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aloha to Mary Kennedy!

Have you seen the modern version of Sherlock Holmes?  PBS broadcast three episodes from BBC last month.  Fans have to wait until next spring for BBC to broadcast more and PBS to import them.  The first episode opened with Dr. John Watson reliving his combat experience in Afghanistan (just as the original Watson and even the creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, served as front line doctors in the British Army during the Victorian Era).   When he wakes up from the nightmare, he turns on his laptop and stares at his blog.  The next morning, his therapist asks about his progress in writing the blog.

Had this been an American version, the producers would have cast Mary Kennedy as the therapist.  Mary is a clinical psychologist, mystery writer, and veterans' advocate.  

From her website, http://www.marykennedy.net/,

Currently she's writing an adult mystery series, The Talk Radio Mysteries, which is set in a fictional town in south Florida. The first title, DEAD AIR, was released January 2010, the second, REEL MURDER, will appear June 2010. The Talk Radio Mysteries was pitched and sold as "Frasier Meets Murder She Wrote." The heroine is Maggie Walsh, a psychologist who closes up her Manhattan practice and heads to sunny Florida to take a job as a radio talk show host. And, yes, she solves a murder in every book! As a former radio copywriter and a practicing psychologist, Mary is uniquely qualified to provide realistic background for her books - although she hasn't personally solved any murders ;-). Mary's favorite vacation destination is South Florida and she makes an annual winter pilgrimage to Fort Lauderdale.

I met Mary back in September when she interviewed me for an article featured in Publishers' Weekly:


She joined us at SOS Aloha to discuss the 389th Renegades:


For Veterans' Appreciation Week, I asked Mary to share some of her activities that brings her in contact with military families.  Mary, welcome back to SOS Aloha!

Veterans Day has always had a special significance for me. My father served in the Navy, and I’ve tried to honor his memory by visiting children at military bases, bringing goodie bags filled with copies of my books, school supplies and home-made cookies. I spent an entire day at Dover Air Force Base Middle School and was overwhelmed at the warm reception I received from the children and their teachers. They were so excited that a “real live author” was visiting them and the children wrote me very touching thank-you notes. Nelle Cox and Kimberly Kroll have invited me back to DAFB to speak at Language Arts Night in January and I know it will be a wonderful event. I’ll be speaking on mystery-writing, promoting reading, and of course, handing out chocolate chip cookies.

I’ve also offered to mentor any veteran interested in creative writing. Veterans have stories to tell; if I can encourage them to put their memories in narrative form or in a novel, I’ll be happy to do so. Sometimes, all they need is a friendly word of encouragement or a nudge in the right direction..

Think of how much veterans have done for us, and I bet you can think of some ways to help in your own community. This is one way to say, “thank you for your service.”

Mahalo, Mary, for joining us at SOS Aloha!  Hmmm, I just might "hop" back to Dover AFB for those chocolate chip cookies!   I emphasize Mary's advice, "sometimes, all they need is a friendly word of encouragement or a nudge in the right direction."
But that is sage advice for anyone - veteran, child, friend, or blogger!   As naive as it may seem, I do believe we can live in harmony - that's why veterans write the blank check referenced by RomVet Susan Grant.   We take an oath,
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.
so we all have the opportunity for "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
Mary will return in January to celebrate the release of her third book in the Talk Radio Mysteries, STAY TUNED FOR MURDER.  My favorite psychiatrist, Frasier Crane, will interview Mary!   

Mary is a member of the Liberty States Fiction Writers.  Other members include Anne Elizabeth, Tara Nina, C.H. Admirand, and Caridad Pineiro - all who have been a guest at SOS Aloha and generously support it.  Anne Elizabeth and Tara have direct connections to the Navy (they sing Anchors Aweigh in the shower).  In fact, Anne Elizabeth and Tara donated more books for me to giveaway:

PULSE OF POWER by Anne Elizabeth

- Anthology, OPERATION:  L.O.V.E., featuring romances in the Department of Defense (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy) by Tara Nina, Anne Elizabeth, C.H. Admirand, DC DeVane, and Lindsay Downs.

- Anthology, HOLIDAY OP, featuring romances in the Department of Defense (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy) by Tara Nina, Anne Elizabeth, DC DeVane, Lori Avocato, and Lia De Angelo.

- Anthlogy, FOR YOUR HEART ONLY, featuring romances delving into the world of the US Intelligence Community (I&A, DEA, NSA, FBI, and Treasury) by Tara Nina, Anne Elizabeth, DC DeVane, Chryssa Carson. and Leslie Wainger.  

To enter the book giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about writing therapy, chocolate chip cookies, and words of encouragement.

2.  Make sure I know how to contact you - if I don't have your email address, send it to sos.america@yahoo.com.

3.  Comments will be open through November 18 to be eligible to win books.

4.  This giveaway is open to US readers only.

Join us tomorrow as we welcome Julie Negron, creator of Jennie the Military Spouse cartoon trip.


Kim in Hawaii

Mary's series, the Talk Radio Mysteries, takes place in South Florida.  I grew up in South Florida so I am drawn to books set in that area.  It's fun to read about my old stomping grounds.

I also enjoy the cable shows Burn Notice on USA  and The Glades on A&E.   

Are there any books or shows that represent where you live?

Breaking News - This week's episode from Hawaii Five O featured Hickam Field - I live across the street in Onizuka Village!  I see planes parked in front of the historic Base Operations building every day when I exit my housing area.  How did I miss the filming of this episode?  I heard nothing about it so they must have kept it under wraps.  Otherwise fans would have lined the fence and interfered with the filming.  Just imagine the headline:  Military spouse hounds H50 stars for autograph.

This is the same spot that Air Force One will park when President Obana visits Hawaii for the Holiday Season (but he stays in a luxury home in Kaneohe Bay).  


  1. Hi Kim, thank you so much for the warm welcome and thank you for posting this! I envy you being in beautiful Hawaii.

  2. Wow, so much info! I love Mary's books and she is so awesome to be supportive of the military. Many thanks to all my Liberty States buddies also who have donated so generously. We can't do enough for our military men, women and their families. As for chocolate chip cookies, aren't they the best writer's therapy?

  3. I really believe there's something magical about chocolate. . I sent 200 pounds of home-made goodies to Iraq this past summer, and the chocolate brownies were the most requested item.

  4. Is there a better therapy than chocolate therapy? Actually, a good cozy mystery can tie for that honor. I loved Mary's first two books in her Talk Radio series and am really looking forward to the third. Love that keen sense of humor that runs throughout, too. Mary, your patriotism is so admirable.

  5. Mary - what a WONDERFUL blog! You are amazing - and your books are great, too! I can hardly wait till the next one comes out!

  6. Enjoyed the blog and have a new author to read. Many thanks.
    My husband started putting chocolate mints in his brownies. I am waiting for him to bake a new batch so I can send some to my nephew who is currently on his third Afghan tour.
    The new movied Unstoppable takes place in Pennsylvania. My husband is a retired railroader and so we went to the movies last night with one of his railroad buddies and his wife. They loved it!

  7. Karin, you've given me a great idea. Chocolate mints and brownies...sounds delish! I'm looking for some really wondeful recipes to make for my visit and presentation at Dover Air Force Base. This sounds like a winner. The last time I made 425 chocolate chip cookies (yeah, I know, I must have been channeling Marth Stewart) and brought them for the kids at the DAFB Middle School. I remember the teachers saying, "One each!! One each!" and thinking, "yowsers, next time I've got bring MORE!" You can never have too many cookies or too much chocolate as my good friend, Kate Collins, suggested.

  8. I wonder if veterans were encouraged to write about their experiences, would there be so many with stress syndrome?
    Chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorites.

    Mary, your books sound great!

  9. Mary is a super writer! Murder mysteries are a terrific way to spend a cold evening cuddled on the couch. Especially when I hear a HOOYAH coming from the direction of Carl on the computer. :) Seriously though, hearty hugs to all of the souls who support our soldiers. It is one of the greatest gifts we can give.

    And, Kim, we were watching that episode and I started shouting "That's where Kim lives!" See you soon!

  10. Mary, your books sound so good! I would love to read them sometime :)

    Chocolate chip cookies: oh my, don't get me started. I volunteer at a high school youth group at our local church, and we recently did bake sale fundraiser. We allll gathered in the basement kitchen and baked over three hundred DOZEN cookies together. I would have gobbled them all up on the spot except...well, for any of you who've read the ingredient list (or at least the nutritional facts!) for cookies, you understand me :)

    Have a fabulous rest of the week!

  11. Estella, you are so right, I'm trying to offer a free journalling class to any group that's interested. As a psychologist, I know that writing can really be therapeutic!

  12. Stephanie, three hundred dozen cookies? I am wildly impressed!

  13. Great post!

    haven't been able to keep up with Hawaii Five O but I did watch the pilot..so good.

  14. I just wanted to say thank you Mary for all that you do. Chocolate Therapy I might use that from now on:-} Kim as always I am humbled for all that you do for ALL our men & women.