Monday, November 29, 2010

Fàilte Tara Nina

Please join me in welcoming paranormal author Tara Nina.  Tara visited us during the TRWP spotlight.  Tara is surrounded by three generations of military heroes - her Air Force father, her Navy husband, and Navy son.  Let's learn more about her Scottish heroes.

Kim:  Why do you write about Scotland?

Tara:  I love Scotland. I’ve always dreamt of visiting the castles and doing a pub-crawl there (and through Ireland as well). I fell in love with the term Scottish Laird long ago and never shook it.

Kim:  Pub Crawl?  When?  Where?   What is your favorite...

... castle?

Tara:  The fictional Castle MacKinnon. It comes complete with an overprotective ghost named Akira, who is the sister of the seven MacKinnon brothers, who were imprisoned by the Curse of the Gargoyle in 1740 Scotland.

The real MacKinnons seat was Castle Dunakin
on the Isle of Skye

.... clan?

Tara:  The one I created the MacKinnons. I know there is a Clan MacKinnon, but mine are fiction based and frozen in stone by a curse, thus their blood line no longer exist in today’s time.

.... tartan pattern?

Tara:  Red, green, & blue with a hint of yellow in its pattern

Readers can join Tara's Clan MacKinnon and receive a swatch of its tartan from her website.

.... drink?

TaraGuinness and Drambuie (I know both are of Irish decent but so am I),

.... Scottish saying?

Tara:  I have two:

A wild goose never laid tame eggs.

“No one in Scotland can escape from the past. 
It is everywhere, haunting like a ghost."
Geddes MacGregor

Kim:  Tell us about your books set in Scotland.

Tara:  I am writing a series for Ellora’s Cave Publishing. It is about seven brothers who are turned to stone in 1740 Scotland by the Curse of the Gargoyle. These books are set in today’s time where the women they were destined to be with set the brothers free.

The first book of the series is called CURSE OF THE GARGOYLE. Ericka who is a woman who doesn’t believe in paranormal events sets the oldest brother Gavin MacKinnon free of the curse. After speaking the anti-curse, her world takes on a whole new direction…teach a 200-year-old Scotsman how to survive in this century.

The second book of the series is called EYES OF STONE.  A fiery-spirited woman named Izzy sets the second brother, Ian, free. Together they must overcome the deadly evil that still pursues the MacKinnon clan and learn to trust and love each other if they are to survive.

With luck and avid fan support, the rest of these brothers will be set free in future books at Ellora’s Cave.

Kim:  Readers, we have our challenge to break out the rest of the MacKinnon brothers!

Tapadh leat (thank you) Tara for helping us make our celebration a wee bit wild!

I will give away a Hawaiian trivet each day in the design of a quilt square (as unique as a clan's tartan). Each day will be a different design.

BREAKING NEWS:  Tara is offering an autographed copy of each book - CURSE OF THE GARGOYLE and EYES OF STONE.

To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about Tara, seven Highland brothers, wild geese and tame eggs.

2.  Make sure I know how to contact you - send your email to

3. This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.

Mar sin leat (good bye),

Kim in Hawaii

Is ann a tha 'n càirdeas mar a chumar e.
Friendship is as it's kept.

The real Clan MacKinnon lived on the Isles of Mull and Skye next to the MacLeans and MacDonalds.  They frequently changed from ally to enemy to ally with their neighbors.  The MacKinnons supported the Jacobite Rebellion and aided Bonnie Prince Charlie in his escape from Scotland.   

The MacKinnons claim to be descendants of King Alpin.  Their name also translates into Love.  In 1851, Scottish immigrant Robert Love established Love's Biscuit and Bred Company here in Hawaii.  Today it is known as Love's Bakery - the largest wholesale distributor of break, pies, and cakes.  The military commissaries sell Love's products on its shelves.

We'll learn about other famous Scots in Hawaii throughout the week!


  1. Interesting blog today, ladies! Books set in Scotland are always great to read.

  2. I have some of your books, Tara, and I would love to rea d more!

  3. Hi Tara!

    Can't wait to get my hands on some of your books, especially your Ellora's Cave series! Love that is has Scotsman as heroes :)


  4. I never heard the wild goose tame eggs saying, but I looked it up and it makes sense.

  5. I like the idea of the seven Highland brothers. it is very intriguing!

  6. Mmmm heroes that hail from Scotland are usually the best. Not that I'm biased or anything *grin*

  7. Seven Highland brothers-----seven great books to read!

  8. Aloha, Emily, Jessica, Stephanie, Jane, Izzy, Casey, and Estella! Tara is one of the hardest working authors in the biz ... and she generously gives back. She is very forgiving of my typos!

    Tara recently attended Ellora's Cave Romanticon with a special friend - perhaps Tara will share the story of her car ride with a Scottish author. I would be hanging on every word laced with that awesome accent!

  9. The book sounds good. I have would love to have one of those Hawaiian trivet. Where do you buy


  10. Waving Hi Tara & Kim great blog today all about Highlander's yeah.
    I have a huge fascination with Gargoyles I took more photo of them at Stirling Castle than the Castle, LOL
    Both books sound amazing If I dont win I will be sure to check them out....
    & my Favorite saying "Down with Pants UP with Kilts".
    Have a good one Lassies Ann.
    ( yup Kim it me I'm posting DH fixed it)

  11. Thank you everyone for making me welcome today!!!
    I did have a wonderful car ride with the phenomenal author Cait Miller.
    I picked her up at Newark Airport this past October and we drove to Ohio for a conference. She is amazing. We talked the whole way with Cait only nodding off once or twice. I would've been down for the count if I'd flown overnight like she did. She has great stories about her anything but typical Scottish family. I understand she's scheduled to drop by this week so be sure to check her out. She's a great friend and a wonderful author.

  12. I really wanted to make it to Scotland this past year during their Homecoming celebration, but when hubby got laid off, we just couldn't afford it. Nevertheless, I can dream of visiting it and all the wonderful castles. (sigh) That would truly be a wonderful vacation!