Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fàilte Cait Miller


Today is St. Andrew's Day and it would not be a celebration without a Scot!  Please join me in welcoming sensual paranormal author Cait Miller.  From her website,

Cait is a midwife who lives on the coast of Scotland.  She spends her free time walking on the beach, reading and of course, writing!

Kim:  What does St. Andrew's Day means to you?

Cait:  To me St Andrews day is all about taking pride in your country and all the things we've achieved. All the things our ancestors fought and died for. We were a nation of poor, largely uneducated people yet we fought fiercely for what was ours. As cold and wet as it can sometimes be. Even now, in present day Scotland there is a strong national pride and we are still fighting to be more independent. It hasn't been so very long since we won the right have our own government and the power to (mostly) run things our own way. Scottish people should be using St Andrews day to throw a parade, get the pipers piping, wave our flag and shout to the world that we are proud to be Scottish.

Atholl Highlanders

Kim:  What is your favourite castle? 

Cait:  It's so hard to choose a favourite castle, I have several but I think maybe Direlton, it has the most intense atmosphere and sits in a very picturesque little village. So unassuming and yet has such a history of witchcraft and intrigue.

Direlton Castle

Kim:  Who is your favourite clan?  

Cait:  I suppose my favourite clan would have to be Murray since that is my father's side of the family but truthfully I have none.

Kim:  What is your favourite tartan?

Cait:  My favourite tartan again should be Murray but I do admit loving the Stewart tartan because red is my favourite colour.



Kim:  Do you drink Scottish ale or whisky?

Cait:  I hate beer and whiskey. I am a terrible Celt.

Kim:  I am just playing into cultural stereotypes.  What is your favourite Scottish saying?

Cait:  Everyone knows my favourite saying, it was said by my granny Miller who is Scottish, therefore I am calling it a Scottish saying.

"Cross your legs, not your fingers"

It makes me laugh every time I think of it, especially considering my day job and what I write.

Kim: Yes, Granny Miller was a wise woman!  Tell us about your Scottish books.

Cait:  I have two sensual paranormal romances published with Ellora's Cave Publishing, Believe in the Magic and Finding the Magic. The stories feature feline shapeshifters and are set in Scotland.

BELIEVE IN MAGIC All her life artist Jayne Davis had believed in magic, but sometimes just believing isn’t enough. When first her mother and then her father died Jayne retreated from life, taking the first job she was offered and leaving her dreams behind. Nowadays the only place she looks for magic is in the books she reads. But all that is about to change when a man who might be more than he seems brings the magic to her. 

Cameron Murray believes in the magic too. He believes it ruins lives and he believes it has brought danger to Jayne’s doorstep. It’s up to him to keep her safe and make sure magic isn’t the end of them both…and guard his heart from the one woman who could take it from him.

FINDING THE MAGICMegan Cartwright thought she had her life figured out. Her job as a waitress paid the rent and left her the free time to do as she pleased. Sure, now and again she might wish for a little excitement to liven things up. But finding a wild animal in her apartment was not what she had in mind… 

Jack Douglass has entered his mating cycle and he can no longer ignore his body’s physical and sexual demands. He needs a mate and he’s come to Scotland to claim her.  It should have been simple.

Now with their bond established and a killer targeting them, Jack has to keep both of them alive long enough to convince Megan that she is his. Time is running out and soon Jack could be lost forever.

Wow!  Those books are hot!  They'll keep readers warm this coming winter!

Castle Doune - a Murray Stronghold
by Simon Mayson on flikr.com

Tapadh leat (thank you) Cait for joining us on St. Andrew's Day!  I am giving away one Hawaiian trivet each day.  The trivet has a design from a Hawaiian Quilt - unique as each clan's tartan.

To enter the giveaway,

1. Leave a comment about Cait, Granny Miller, and castle ruins.

2. Make sure I know how to contact you - send your email to sos.america@yahoo.com.

3. This giveaway is only open to US and Canadian residents.  But if you live in Scotland, I will send you a special Hawaiian treat!

Mar sin leat (good bye),

Kim in Hawaii

An làmb a bheir, ‘s i a gheibh.
The hand that gives is the hand that gets.

William Wallace Statue in Aberdeen

I met Cait at the RT Booklovers' Convention in Orlando/2009.  I asked her to read the lyrics from Albannach's THE UPRISING during the SOS Military Tribute.  The song is a tribute to William Wallace.  Yet the lyrics could apply to US servicemen during the Korean Conflict Vietnam War, and the Mogadishu

I wonder what you felt inside, as they dragged you through foreign streets
The townsfolk spat venom at you, as churchmen took their seats
And did you think of your Motherland, as you stood there centre stage
Or did you feel suppression, Dear Sir, like an animal in a cage ?

I wonder what you felt inside, as they hung you by your throat
Through tear-welled eyes you looked out, as the crowd began to gloat.
And when they cut you down, so that your body slammed the ground
Did you pray to God for strength, Dear Sir, to fight another round ?

I wonder what you felt inside, when you burned with ropes pulled tight
Did you see the glee upon their faces, as they watched you lose the fight ?
And when every inch of your body cried out, with a burning, searing pain,
Did it ever cross your mind, Dear Sir, “was it all in vain” ?

I wonder what you felt inside, when you met the butcher’s blade
Did you see their blank expressions, as they watched your life-force fade ?
Or did your soul break free from the pain and the hurt, to a pine covered glen
And will you ever know, Dear Sir, what a hero you became ?
Aye, will you ever know, Dear Sir, what a hero you became ?

Cait delivered an emotional reading in her Scottish accent.  700 years after William Wallace died for Scotland's freedom, his legacy lives in the hearts of the Scots. 

Robert the Bruce statue at Sterling Castle
overlooking the William Wallace Memorial


  1. Does Granny Miller have any witty sayings to share?


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    Wonderful blog today makes me a wee bit homesick seeing The Bruce Statue looking at the monument ... Which reminds me of the steep clime (Shudders).
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