Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aloha to paranormal author Kathy Lane

Please join me in welcoming Kathy Lane, author of paranormal romance from my home state!  From her blog,

I grew up smack dab in the middle of the Sunshine state, surrounded by orange groves, woods, and swamps. The perfect setting for a book, right? Why then, you might ask, does my recently published book, Bloodsworn: Bound by Magic, start out in northern California and end up on another world half way across the galaxy? One word: Plot.
Florida Panther in the swamps

Kim:  Tell us about your path to publishing.  I assume it involves the local RWA chapter.

Kathy:  Most definitely. I’ve written off and on all my life, but started writing seriously back in 2006. It wasn’t until 2008 when I decided to write a romance that I discovered the RWA and my local chapter, TARA (Tampa Area Romance Authors). I’m convinced that if I hadn’t joined TARA, my book would still be unpublished. Between the workshops, critique groups, and professional advice from the members already published, TARA really helped me improve my original story. Not only that, but they taught me how to present my work, from query, to synopsis, to pitch.

Kim:  What inspired your plot in Bloodsworn: Bound by Magic?

Kathy:  I’d been working with the idea of a prince from a planet of magic sweeping an Earth woman off her feet—and literally off her world—but felt the plot needed more conflict and depth. Then I read C.L. Wilson’s first book in her Tairen Soul series and the word ‘bloodsworn’ jumped out at me. The idea grew from there. I decided the conflict of having my heroine bound mentally to one man, but in love with another was just what I needed. I think it’s great when a plot comes together like that.

Kim:  If you were to make a movie of your book, who would you cast as your leads? Who would direct it? Where would you hold your world premiere?

Kathy:  I recently saw a movie called 27 Dresses. Katherine Heigl and James Marsden had such a great chemistry. I can easily see them as Avera and Devlin. And for the director? Well, I don’t keep up with directors too well so I’ll have to go with who I know, Lucas or Speilberg. Would love to have the premiere in Tampa so all my friends could come.

Kim:  You list links to other paranormal/fantasy authors. Tell us why you appreciate their bodies of work. What will be your niche in this growing genre?

Kathy:  When I pick up a book, I want to be completely drawn into the author’s world. The authors on my list have succeeded in creating a world I want to return to time and time again. Moon Called, Magic Bleeds, Mind Game, these are all books I enjoy re-reading over and over—usually at least once a year. I read voraciously, two to three books a week, and when I have nothing new in the house, I’ll pick up one of my old favorites. I like brisk writing, snappy dialogue, and an interesting plot. Toss in a little sexy romance and I’m hooked. Having someone else like my work enough to horde my book on their bookshelf would be fantastic.

Kim:  You are an accountant by day. That is a "by the book" profession. How did you transition to writing where you can make your own rules?

Kathy:  Haven’t given up my day job yet, so yes, I’m still a financial analyst. After spending all day carefully ticking off numbers and making sure they’re where they’re supposed to be, I love the freedom of being able to follow my imagination. Part of that ‘by the book’ mentality can get in the way when I’m writing. I get bogged down trying to get the story perfect the first time instead of just letting it flow and cleaning it up later. Makes for agonizing writing sometimes.

Kim:  What's next for Kathy Lane?

Kathy:  I’m working on edits for book 2 in the Bloodsworn series right now. There will eventually be a book three to wrap up this particular story arc, but between edits I’m working to finish a romantic suspense called Sniper Shots.

Mahalo, Kathy, for joining us at SOS Aloha!  To learn more about Kathy, check out her website.  In honor of Kathy's visit, I am giving away a copy of Kathy's book, Bloodsword:  Bound by Magic.  To enter the book giveaway,

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Join us tomorrow as we visit New York City and the world famous Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Kim in Hawaii

I attended the University of Tampa, housed in the former Tampa Bay Hotel. This Victorian landmark was built by Henry Plant, a railroad tycoon, to bring tourists to the Tampa area. The hotel's distinctive minarets remain a part of the Tampa skyline.

The hotel certainly would inspire "other worldly stories".   At the time, I wasn't interested in the history or inspiration.  I was interested in the sororities and fraternities. 


  1. I really believe in writing in your way and style. Kathy, your Bloodsworn series sound really intriguing. Can't wait to read it!

  2. I live in Florida too!! I always love it when I find a new author who lives in the same state as me because then it would be easier for me to go see them if they went on a tour =)

  3. Thanks Heather. I hope you enjoy the story. Drop me and email and let me know.

  4. Hi Casey. I know what you mean. When I started attending various writer's conferences, I was amazed at how many authors I've read who live right here in Florida. Not sure about any tours yet, but I'll be sure to post on my website if it happens. :)

  5. Wow, Kathy, Bloodsword: Bound by Magic looks like such a fantastic book! I love the story of how you wrote it, and your character choices based off 27 Dresses seems so fitting. Can't wait to read it!

    Stephanie :)

  6. Hi Stephanie. Thanks. I really enjoyed writing Bound by Magic. What heroine wouldn't want to be swept off her feet by a handsome and mysterious hero, or in Devlin's case, an alien Prince Charming. :) I hope you enjoy the book. Drop me an email and let me know what you think. OH, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Bloodsworn: Bound by Magic sounds awesome! Love the alien prince charming aspect.
    Great looking cover.

  8. Was SO excited when I got the cover! The pattern on Avera's shirt is a little freaky, but I got over it quickly. I didn't see the back cover until the book was printed. The cover artist, Tamra Westberry, did a fantastic job.

  9. I've been to Miami a several times and Florida is a beautiful state

    I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving

  10. Nice blog today. Welcome Kathy! The cover is really gorgeous and the book sounds great!