Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aloha to parnormal author Caridad Pineiro

Breaking News:   On Monday, military personnel could buy tickets for the NFL's Pro Bowl in Aloha Stadium.  I bought four cheap seats in the end zone.

The Aloha Stadium is near Pearl Harbor.  Of course, we offer the best weather in January ... but there's another reason why Pearl Harbor is the best location to host the Pro Bowl.

And today's guest will tell us why ....

Please join me in welcoming paranormal romance author, Caridad Pineiro.  Congrats to Caridad on the release of STRONGER THAN SIN. 

Mary the Reading Reviewer posted her review at:


And you can read an excerpt from Caridad's website,


We are going to skip the traditional interview and play Six Degrees of Separation instead.

Caridad will connect football's origins to Pearl Harbor

(1) Today is November 9.  Back in 1861, Canada hosted the first football game,


Canada can arguably claim to be a founder of the game of football played in North America and now around the world. The first documented football game was played at the University of Toronto on the present site of University College on November 9, 1861.

(2) Caridad's STRONGER THAN SIN features an former football star, Jesse

During the Grand Central book signing at the RWA National Convention, Caridad gave away yellow rubber duckies with painted football helmets.  I asked her if she delegated the painting to her daugher, she replied, "No, I did it myself."  Is there anything Caridad can't do?!?!

(3)  Jesse is guarded by the FBI.

At one time, the FBI required its agents to have a law or accounting degree.  Caridad has a law degree ... I'd think she'd make a formidable agent!

(4)  The FBI's most famous female agent is Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality, giving us a memorable interchange:

Gracie Hart: In Hawaii don't they use aloha for hello and goodbye?

Miss Hawaii: Yeah, so?

Gracie Hart: so if you're on the phone with somebody and they won't stop talking and you say, ok take care, aloha, don't they just start over again?

(this makes me laugh every time I read it).

(5)  In Hawaii, we greet visitors with "Aloha" and but bid them farewell with "Mahalo".  Maholo means "thank you for spending your tourist dollars here".

(6)  The most popular tourist site is the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor.   The US negotiated rights to Pearl Harbor on November 9, 1887 from the Kingdom of Hawaii.

So that's how Caridad connects football's origins to Pearl Harbor on November 9th!   Caridad and Mary have donated books to giveaway:   

- 1 copy of SINS OF THE FLESH

To enter the book giveaway,

1. Contact Kelley at Columbussos@gmail.com to join Operation Holiday Card. It is our goal to ensure that 1000 deployed airmen, marines, sailors, soldiers, and Coast Guardsmen receive a holiday card.

I am promoting Operation Holiday Card through November 12 - if you have signed up, thank you!

2.  Leave a comment about Caridad and any connection you may have with her.

3.  The book giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only. Comments will be open through November 11 for the book giveaway.

Join us tomorrow as we celebrate the USMC's 235th birthday with Melissa Marr and Julie Miller.


Kim in Hawaii


  1. Hi Caridad! Your new book sounds good!

  2. The connection I have with Caridad is that I have read Sins of the Flesh. Great,great read!

  3. Question: "is there anything Caridad can't do?"
    Answer: "No!" She is truly amazing. I've known her for years through NJ-RWA and Liberty State Fiction and am always impressed at how much she crowds into a 168 hour week. Partner in a pretigious Manhattan law firm, New York Times best-selling author (and a prolific one, at that!) and a devoted wife and mother. Wow, Caridad, you rock!

  4. Thanks to one and all! Funny thing, Kim, I considered applying for a job in the FBI, but thought it would be more fun to write about them. Here's another degree of separation between me and Hawaii. I did my honeymoon there and visited for an anniversary recently. Visiting the Arizona Memorial was one of the most moving moments of my life. Off to Operation Holiday Card to see what I can do to help.

  5. I've often wondered if Caridad has secretly cornered the market on self-cloning with the way she's able to accomplish everything in her work week. :) Congratulations on book 25.

  6. Fantastic interview Kim! :)

    I met Caridad years ago at an RT event and then again at RWA. Her friendly smile and her gracious kindness have always stayed with me and her passion, joy, and humor radiate in her writing. I'm definitely a fan of both the woman and the author!

    Hooyah & hugs! Anne

  7. I met Caridad at the Romantic Times Convention in Columbus, Ohio in April. She was one of the most gracious authors who signed books that day. Her friendliness was most appreciated when a few authors seemed rather hurried and not genuine.

  8. I have don't think I have a connection with Caridad but I like to fix that buy reading this book. I do love the Movie Miss Congenialty, does that count! Stronger than Sin and Sins of the Flesh look hot and they are both on my list now! Thanks for sharing today!


    I have signed up for Operation Holiday Card!

  9. Caridad,

    Paranormals generally do not appeal to me but your excerpt (and Mary's review) sound appealing!


  10. Ooh Caridad, your books sound so good! I would love to read one sometime :)


  11. thanks for the really fun post! didn't know that about football at all...

    jsididia at gmail dot com

  12. Caridad-- have not read any of your books yet, but i really want to!!

    bradunwanted @ yahoo . com

  13. Thank you all for stopping by and a big WOO HOO today to the USMC on their 235th B'day! Thank you for all that you do for us.

  14. Hi Caridad,
    I like the sound of your books. I'm going to have to look for them!

    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  15. hi Caridad,
    Got a kick out of this post. You certainly have a way with words!! thanks for coming to the blog

    fantasizesgam at gmail dot com