Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Winners: November 13 - 20

11/14:  AJ Brower:  Air Force Bling still available upon request

11/15: Bob Mayer:  Army bling still available upon request
- Maui tote bag:  Anita

11/16: Mary Kennedy and Liberty State Fiction Writers
- Pulse of Power:  Stephanie, Emily, and Jessica
OPERATION L.O.V.E and Holiday Op:  Ann
- For Your Heart Only and Holiday Op:  Estella

11/17: Julie Negron
- Okinawa Treat:  Jane

11/17:  Maggie MacKeever
- The Tyburn Waltz: Johanna
- English treat:  Mary Beth

11/18:  Greg Causey and Divine Romance
- Denizens of the Desert:  Estella
- Dancing with Natasha:  Kathy
- Hitler's Will:  Molly
- Tempting Pleasure:  Casey
- The Calling:  Stephanie G.

11/19: Sutton Fox
- Christmas Holly:  Dani
Lion Tamers:  Loretta

Everyone's a winner at SOS Aloha and we have more chances to win in the coming weeks:

Black Friday Paranormal Giveaway
-11/26: Scary creatures with Molly Harper, Tara Nina, Linda Robertson, and Susan Squires plus 30 paranormal books to giveaway

St. Andrew's Week: 
-11/29: Kieran Kramer, Sky Purington, Tara Nina
-11/30: Cait Miller, Ann Stephens
-12/1: Bertrice Small, Donna Grant
-12/2: Beth Trissel, Diana Cosby, Donna Goode
-12/3: Monica McCarty, Veronica Wulff

Still recruiting Highlanders to volunteer at door prizes.

December and January are filling up fast with author interviews, book giveaways, and other surprises!


Kim in Hawaii


  1. Cool thanks for posting such great information and sharing with us Kim. Congrats to everyone.

  2. Kim,

    You are having some great prizes.


  3. Thanks so much and congrats to the other winners.