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Fàilte C.H. Admirand

Welcome, C.H. Admirand, to St. Andrew's Week!  We met C.H. during the TWRP spotlight.  Since then, C.H. has joined the distinguished list of sponsors for the SOS Military Mixer at the RT Booklovers' Convention in LA, April 6-10, 2011.  C.H.'s passion lies with all things Gaelic ....

Kim:  What is your favorite clan?

C.H.:  Clan MacInnes – Clan of the hero in Book 3 of my Medieval Trilogy: SCOT'S  MERCENARY,  Winslow MacInness.

It’s interesting to note that the MacInnes ancestors arrived from Ireland around c. 500 when Fergus Mor, King of the north Irish kingdom Dai Riata and his brothers Loarn and Oengus expanded their lands to southwestern Alba (Scotland). Oengus (Angus) believed to be the first of the Clan settled in Islay or Jura and is believed to be buried on Iona a small island in the Inner Hebrides.

The Clan moved to Morvern Peninsula in southwest Lochaber on the West Coast of Scotland. Morvern is formerly known as Kinelvadon, where Kinlochlaine Castle is located at the head of Loch Aline situated for its coastal defense. The castle was built in the 12th Century, burned in 1644 when besieged by Alasdair Mac Colla during the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, and in 1679 was attacked by Archibald Campbell, the 9th Earl of Argyll.

The castle was abandoned in 1690, and later re-constructed in the 1990s. Kinlochlaine is now a private residence. Here are a few websites where you can read more about the Clan MacInnes and Kinlochlaine Castle at the MacInnes website and Wikipedia.

In the 16th Century, many of the Clan moved to Sleat on the Isle of Skye.

Kim:  You've done your research about the clan!  And you answered my next question - waht is your favorite castle?

C.H.:  Kinlochaline Castle, prior to restoration and after, in Morvern formerly known as Kinelvadon.

Kim:  What is your favorite Scottish Saying?

C.H.: Tha gaol agam ort.
Pronunciation: (Hah GEUL AH-kum orsht).
English Translation: I love you.

Morvern cross at the Kiel Church from

Kim:  I shall practise that phrase on my hubby, who claims to be from the Clan Lindsay.  What is your favorite whisky?

C.H.:  Although my true favorite is Irish – Tullemore Dew, I chose one distilled on the Jura where the MacInnes Clan originally settled once they arrived from Ireland. Isle of Jura Single Malt Whisky.

Kim:  As you pointed out, the Scots spell "whisky" without the "e"; the Irish spell it with the "e".  What is your favorite tartan?

C.H.:  The MacInnes Tartan

Tapadh leat (thank you) C.H. for sharing your passion for history with us!  To learn more about C.H., log onto her website.  I'll invite C.H.back when we celebrate St. Patrick's Day so she can share her Irish roots and books!

C.H. is offering three copies of her e-book, A SCOT'S HONOR:

Scot's mercenary, Winslow MacInness, rescues a Norman beauty, but how can he help her find her way home if she cannot speak?

While waiting for her to recover, MacInness discovers a woman he can love, one who can replace the woman he can never have, his overlord's wife. But marriage to Genvieve isn't part of his plan until he discovers her life is still in danger and the only way to protect her is to marry her. But will he survive the attempts on his life? Is Genvieve de Chauret behind those attempts?

Plus I am giving away one Hawaiian trivet each day.  The trivet has a design from a Hawaiian Quilt -  unique as each clan's tartan.  To enter the giveaway,

1.  Leave a comment about C.H., renovated castles, and/or Scotch whisky.

2.  Make sure I know how to contact you - send your email to

3.  This giveaway is only open to US and Canadian residents.

Mar sin leat (good bye),

Kim in Hawaii

Is obair-là tòiseachadh, ach is obair beatha crìochnachadh.
Beginning is a day's work, but finishing is the work of a lifetime.

Iona Abbey

C.H. wrote that the some of the MacInnes ancestors were buried on Iona.  It is a small island with a big legacy.  Several sites are cared by Historic Scotland, including Iona Abbey,

The abbey was founded by St Columba and his Irish followers in AD 563. As a celebrated focus for Christian pilgrimage, Iona retains its spiritual atmosphere and remains an enduring symbol of worship.   (the site includes) Reilig Odhráin – the little cemetery beside Sràid nam Marbh, ‘the street of the dead’, where many ancient Scottish kings were laid to rest.

Historic Scotland also cares for the Dunfermline Palace in Fife. This crumbling site is next to the restored Dunfermline Abbey.

The Abbey, whose foundation goes back to 1072, was built by King David I of Scotland in honour of his mother the saintly Queen Margaret.

Once this abbey was built, the Scottish kings chose it as their final resting place, including Robert the Bruce. In 1818, the Great Tower collapsed. As it was rebuilt, the interior was also renovated. Robert the Bruce's tomb was relocated to the new nave in front of the pulpit. In 1891, Lord Elgin - Chief of the Bruce family - donated a brass plaque to recognize the Bruce's final resting place.

Dunfermline Abbey

As the Great Tower was rebuilt, it was decorated with the words 'King Robert The Bruce' (one word per side of the square).


  1. Hi C.H.,
    I really like the MacInnes Tartan, too. I've never heard of Jura, but we like Glenlivet.

  2. The MacInnes Tartan was beautiful but not as beautiful as the covers of your books. I'm still drooling *grin*

  3. I would like to visit a renovated castle sometime! They look historical but completely grand.

  4. I would love to visit a renovated castle!
    I don't drink, so have never heard of Jura.

  5. Aloha, Jane, Casey, Izzy, and Estella! I prefer crumbling castles to restored manors. Why? They inspire one's imagination. As I've mentioned this week, hubby and I have been on two "castle hunting" expeditions to Scotland. Armed with my membership in the National Trust and Historic Scotland, we rented our own car and verred away from the tourist routes. We drove down many a winding lanes to find that picture perfect romantic ruin. We'd sit for a few minutes among the rumble, listen to the wind howl through the empty windows, and imagine Scots battle for love and life.

    While the restored manors are also historic, they are modernized. It's just a little harder to imagine life in the Medieval Times with electric lights.

  6. I would like to thank C.H. for her patience as I was delayed in posting her interview. She is the official first donor to SOS Aloha back in 2007 when she mailed me a box of her Irish Western Historicals. C.H. has a heart as big as Edinburgh Castle! I look forward to her return in March (if not beforehand) when we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I expect that C.H. will teach me a few things about Eire!

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  8. The Gaelic clans fascinate me! Haven't read too many historicals of that genre, but I know I'd enjoy them.

    As much as I would love to read A Scot's Honor, please pull me out of the book drawing as I really am awful with ebooks since I don't have an e-reader. I've been ever-so-subtly hinting at my boyfriend to get me one for Christmas, in multiple attempts: I'll sit in a dark corner and curl up and squint at my paperback like a miserable old thing and he'll look at me and say, "What are you doing?" And I'll go, "You know, if I had an iPad, this wouldn't be happening." And then he'll say, "Or you could turn on that overhead lamp" and promptly switch it on for me. Hm. So...I don't expect to be receiving one anytime soon. Maybe Valentine's Day?

    Anyway, just thought I'd drop by and say hi, still! Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was peachy:)


  9. I love learning more about Scotland!

  10. I loved the way the castle look after it was done. Nice.


  11. I've never heard of Jura either and I pride myself in being a drinker of Jameson's and Guinness.
    Love the post and all things Scottish!

  12. Hi Jane:

    It's the blue and the green...such soothing colors. Green being my favorite one in the rainbow. ;)

    Glenlivet is tasty and my father-in-law's favorite.

    C.H. Admirand

  13. Hi Casey:

    Billy is handsome isn't he? I met him on the cover shoot for the e-book cover...the one on the left...he's a wonderful guy with a sharp sense of humor.

    It's a toss up which of the covers I like better.

    C.H. Admirand

  14. Izzy:

    I totally agree. I have a fascination with castles and discovered a few years ago that my Irish ancestors actually had a's in ruins Tipperary, Ireland. I have the picture on my home page. Check it out

    C.H. Admirand

  15. Hi Estella:

    Thanks for stopping by. It's one of my dream vacations to go to Ireland and visit our family castle...then I'd hop over to Scotland and tour the Highlands, stop in Glasgow, Loch Ness...the list is huge! Someday

    C.H. Admirand

  16. Hi Stephanie:

    Castles, whether in ruins or still standing and being lived in, have always triggered my imagination and right up there with watching TV Westerns as a kid.

    Hmmm...I don't have an e-reader yet either, it's on my wish list though.

    A SCOT'S HONOR will be going into print in 2011, so remember to visit my website for updated info and the release date.

    C.H. Admirand

  17. Hi Chey:

    I love being able to see the places I'm researching. I've always been a firm believer in doing my research through books, however, for visuals/ can't beat the internet!

    The picture of the Isle of Skye was especially lovely.

    C.H. Admirand

  18. Hi Loretta:

    When I found the link to the castle, I read that it had been renovated and is now a private residence. Now that's something I'd like to do!

    C.H. Admirand

  19. Hi LilMissMolly:

    I totally agree about the Guinness! They taste so smooth and creamy when the bartender "builds" them properly. Not the fast pour I've seen some do...the one where they take their time.

    I do enjoy Jameson, but Tullemore Dew is my fave because it's smoother.

    C.H. Admirand

  20. Hey Kim:

    Sorry for the delay in responding to everyone's posts. I didn't see the post up during the day and because of my tight schedule didn't have a chance to check back until this morning.

    It's always a pleasure to help out, especially the SOS Military Events. One of my favorite book signing events was visiting Ft. Meade, MD last year with Tara Nina and Anne Elizabeth for the OWC and ROWC Tea/Luncheon.

    Thank you for such a lovely and informative blog.

    I'd love to come back!

    C.H. Admirand